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Product information

Professional production and sales of disposable degradable environmental protection food paper products.The product line includes paper cups, paper bowls, paper packaging boxes, salad boxes and other products.The raw materials are all made of biodegradable food packaging raw paper. The product has passed the FDA certification and is a green and environmentally friendly  product.

Use occasions

Our products are widely used in food packaging, hotels, hotels and other occasions, in order to protect the environment, please use degraded products, do not use low-quality non-degradable products.

Product specification

1. The packing box has various specifications from 600ml to 1600ml.
2. Paper cup has various specifications from 210ml to 490ml.
3. Paper bowls are available in various sizes from 330ml to 1300ml.
4. Paper bowl can be equipped with PET bowl cover according to user's requirements

How to supply

Different specifications of products can be mixed delivery, customers can ask us for a detailed list of products.

Supply Information

Please note that our products of different specifications can be mixed for shipment, but with minimum purchase quantity requirements, if you need more information, you can provide the following information so that we can provide you with the best service.

  • Client : Your company name
  • Your address : Your shipping address
  • Product kind : What products do you need
  • time :Time required for delivery
  • Quantity : Purchase quantity
  • Design printing :Yes or no
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